Beauty Review – The Face Shop Eco Natural Sun Calming Sun Cream for Sensitive Skin

My skin type is more dry than sensitive but the reason I bought this was because there was minimal fragrance compared to the other sunscreens in The Face Shop line.

The following review is of my personal opinion and what I experienced may not be what you experience since everyone is different.

This sunscreen blends quickly and doesn’t feel sticky on the face.  Don’t know if you can tell from the picture below, but it is a little off white in color.  Almost has a yellow brownish tint to it.

This product doesn’t leave a white cast.  However, it does leave a slight sheen on your face.

​In the photo above, the top half of my hand doesn’t have sunscreen applied and the bottom half of my hand does.  You can see that is looks shinier than the top half.  However, it doesn’t feel sticky or oily, it just looks dewy I suppose.

After having the sunscreen on for several hours, I did start to notice that my skin has gotten more oily though.  My skin type is dry so the fact that this makes my skin oily after a few hours may be a bad thing or may be a good thing.

Overall, I think I had a buyer’s remorse moment with this one.  When I tried it on in store, I like the way it felt on my skin.  However, what I didn’t anticipate was that it left my skin oilier after a couple of hours of wear.  I don’t really like the oily feeling on my skin.  Needless to say, this is not among my top choice for sunscreen.  I would recommend you give the Shiseido WetForce Sports BB Sunscreen a try if you are in the market for a sunscreen instead of this product.


Beauty Review – Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask (Acai Berry)

The following review is of my personal opinion and what I experienced may not be what you experience since everyone is different.

One of the first things I noticed about this mask is that it is the thickest Innisfree mask that I’ve tried so far.  It does not look as translucent as the others and the serum is more milky.  

It has a really light scent.  I’m not really sure what acai berries smell like so can’t attest to whether it smells like acai berries or not.  The scent is very natural and non-chemical smelling.  

The mask claims to smooth and firm.  My face does feel slightly firmer and, when I washed my face in the morning, it did feel smooth.  However, I do see some pilling from the invisible film/residue that the mask left from the previous night so I do not suggest you use makeup on top after using this mask.  Otherwise, I do find this mask pleasant to use and has many benefits.  I do recommend you give this mask a try if you are in the market for masks.

Bath and Body Review – Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

This product is a new limited edition release and is part of Lush’s Christmas collection this year.  It’s not quite Christmas yet and the Halloween bath bombs were barely on the shelves but the sales rep said that they release limited editions early because it is limited edition and they want customers to have lots of time to try them.

The following review is of my personal opinion and what I experienced may not be what you experience since everyone is different.

I really enjoy this bath bomb and high recommend it.  It is lightly scented compared to other Lush products so a plus.  It is so fun to watch when you drop it in the tub.  Shaped like a gift wrapped present, it releases lots of golden star (which eventually dissolves too) and about four or five individual tiny bath bombs.  The individual bath bombs are of different colors such as pink, green, blue, yellow, etc.  It’s really incredible to watch.  I want to say this is the best bath bomb I’ve watched dissolved.

When the gold stars dissolve, it leaves behind some “dust” in the deep greenish blue water.  The dust swirls around as you move the water creating a magical star dust in the galaxy type of feeling. Really neat.

The gift wrap ribbon on top is the last to melt.  This follows the theme of opening a gift cause the ribbon comes off first and then it is placed aside.  This is a very creatively designed bath bomb!

In regards to skin benefits, I still enjoy using Twilight more as it leaves the skin more soft, silky, and moisturized.  This one leaves the skin soft too but not as silky.  I only find it only slightly moisturizes but it definitely doesn’t dry, irritate, or make my skin feel uncomfortable.

Overall, I highly recommend you give this bath bomb a try.  These would make great holiday presents.  They are mildly scented and such a delight to watch!  They’ll be wonderful gifts that are gifts themselves!

Beauty Review – Shiseido WetForce Sports BB Sunscreen

This review is going to be on the Shiseido Sports BB Sunscreen in the shade medium.  To give you an idea of my skin tone, I am usually in between the shade 21 and 23 in Korean compact cushions.  23 is slightly too dark and 21 is slghtly too pale.

The following review is of my personal opinion and what I experienced may not be what you experience since everyone is different.

This is more of a sunscreen than a bb cream.  It has a very liquidity consistency.  If you are familiar with the Shiseido sunscreens, you will know what I mean.  It is very runny and watery.  Direct opposite of creamy.  I actually prefer this type of sunscreen over the cream sunscreens as I find it more pleasant to apply.  However, normally this kind of sunscreen is also not recommended for me since my skin type is dry.  

I do not like applying sunscreen.  I do not like the feeling of sunscreen on my face cause it is normally very sticky feeling.  I also do not like the sunscreen smell.  This sunscreen neither feels sticky nor does it smell like sunscreen.  It does have an initial fragrance that is similar to the fragrance found in Shiseido products but that quickly disappears after a while.

This is how the sunscreen looks like dispensed from the bottle.  This is in the shade medium.  I want to say I would of normally bought the shade in light.  I bought the shade in medium because I received a free sample of the product when I purchased my Mac lipsticks from Nordstrom online.  The product came in the shade medium and I was really surprised that it is actually a shade very close to my natural skin color.  This bottle I purchased with my own money after trying out the sample and really liked it.

Here I’ve only applied the sunscreen to the bottom half of my hand.  It looks like it has a dewy finish but it really has a matte finish.  The sheen is typical of when you wear sunscreen and it can be just a little bit sticky feeling on your face.  However, it feels very lightweight so I don’t really remember I have sunscreen on.  This sunscreen dries really quick upon application so you must work quickly.  

I have dry skin so after about 15 minutes, my cheeks started to feel tight.  There are two ways I address the tightness (though if too much hassle for you, it may be better to skip this sunscreen and try another).  I have a face mist on my desk and spray it on my face whenever my skin feels tight.  The other method is I apply an oil under my moisturizer and then my cheeks will not feel tight at all during the day when I have this sunscreen on.  For me, it’s really hard to find a sunscreen that I like (I don’t like putting on sunscreen on) so I’m willing to go the extra step for the right sunscreen.

I treat this sunscreen as skincare rather than makeup.  Because of the bb component, it does have light coverage.  It evens out my skin tone nicely and it looks very natural.  It really looks like you have nothing on.  It also does not accentuate the fine lines under my eyes.  I would recommend this sunscreen for users of all skin type with the caution that if you have very dry skin, you may want to use a face mist or oil.  If you do neither of the above because you are too busy so choose to ignore the tightness, as the day goes on, your natural skin oil will start to make the stinging subside.  Maybe it’ll be better for dry skin in the summer than in the Autumn and winter?  

Regardless, for someone who doesn’t like sunscreens, this one is definitely one of my favorites.  Have you’ve tried this sunscreen?  What are your thoughts?


Beauty Review – Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask (Pomegranate)

The following review is of my personal opinion and what I experienced may not be what you experience since everyone is different.

If you have read my previous reviews on Innisfree masks, you would have discovered that some of the mask require minimum smoothing out than others.  I think this is due to the nature of the serum.  I find that for the “flavors” that claim to be firming, the masks usually requires minimum smoothing out to adhere completely on the face.  They are also usually thicker (which could also explain why you won’t have to smooth them out).

For this mask, I basically fit the mask over my eyes, nose, and mouth area, smooth out the sides and I am done.  This mask is not as wet as the masks that are moisturizing only “flavors”.  However, my face does feel moisturize after use and doesn’t feel tight like it does with The Face Shop masks that I’ve tried.  My skin also does feel firmer.  

This mask also has minimum fragrance.  In fact, I really can’t smell anything after a minute of putting the mask on.  Definitely would recommend this mask for users who are looking for a firming mask and do not like heavily scented masks.  

Beauty Review – The Face Shop Real Nature Goji Berry Mask

The following review is of my personal opinion and what I experienced may not be what you experience since everyone is different.

This is my second mask from The Face Shop that I’ve tried.  I normally prefer Innisfree masks but decided to try another Face Shop mask to see if it was different from the first.  It has been a while since my last Face Shop mask but I want to say the fragrance in this Goji Berry mask was not as strong as the Lotus one but it is still a strong fragrance.  It also doesn’t smell like Goji Berry but more like a floral perfume scent with a hint of herbal scent.

Scent aside, this mask was rather slimy feeling when removed from the package.  The serum was of a more thicker consistency where the Innisfree masks have a more watery consistency.  The mask adheres to my face well but I feel that the eye area of the Innisfree mask is a better fit.  With the Goji Berry mask, I had to tug at the mask corners around my eye area to move them further aside so I don’t get any product in my eyes.

The fragrance stayed with me throughout the time that I had the mask on so I do not recommend this mask for users who are sensitive to fragrances.  Personally, the scent doesn’t bother me that much but I prefer the scent to be much much lighter or dissapate with use.  

This mask is advertised as a moisturizing mask.  My skin does feel moisturized after use so the claim is true.  However, when I pulled off the mask after the 15 minute recommended use, I kind of had to tug it off.  The Innisfree masks slip right off with no tugging and so I still prefer the Innisfree masks over these.  

Although the mask does feel moisturizing during use, either the serum soaked into my face too fast or wasn’t as efficient as the Innisfree formula because I find my face feeling tight within two minutes of taking off the mask.  With so many factors that does not perform as well as the Innisfree masks, I still would recommend you purchase the Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze masks over The Face Shop masks.  If you’ve tried The Face Shop masks before, please let me know how they worked for you.  Do you prefer the Innisfree ones or The Face Shop ones?

Beauty Review – Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask (Bija)

The following review is of my personal opinion and what I experienced may not be what you experience since everyone is different.

This mask has a very light citrusy fragrance to it.  Not anything kitchen cleaned like, but fresh squeeze citrus.  I do not find that it is chemical smelling.  It’s very light and pleasant.

The mask itself is very moisturizing.  I was hesitant to use this mask at first because I have dry skin and citrus based masks may not be the most suitable.  However, this mask did not cause any irritation.

I used this mask at room temperature and it felt very cool and refreshing on my face.  Not prior refrigeration at all.  This would be a very great mask if you like in warmer climates.  Don’t know if it is because my skin is dry but I could feel my skin drinking up the serum in the mask.  I have mildly experience this sensation with some of the other Innisfree mask too and really do recommend them in general for frequent masking.  Not only are they good quality but at a good price too.  Note that they are not the best mask out there but they are economical for those of us who mask at least every other day.  Two thumbs up for this one!

Beauty Review – MAC Cremesheen Lipstick (Sunny Seoul + Coral Bliss)

Sunny Seoul

Coral Bliss

The following review is of my personal opinion and what I experienced may not be what you experience since everyone is different.

These are my favorite go to lipsticks right now.  They truly has a creamy sheen finish.  Not super glossy or wet looking but more of a muted gloss or sheen.  Hard to tell from the picture but the Sunny Seoul one is a peachy pink color and the Coral Bliss one is a peach color.  Both look vey natural on my lips.  The formula is very creamy and sticky feeling upon application but it’s not physically sticky (it just feels like it might be sticky but when you press your lips together they don’t stick together).  

They are not very long wearing and does transfer.  They are your typical primative lipstick but the color pigmentation is great!  The color is buildable and gets more pigmented with more layers.  I recommend you give these a try if you are in the market for new lip colors.  They are your nice everyday any occasion lip colors – the bare lips but better look.

Beauty Review – Vichy Thermal Water Rich Cream

The following review is of my personal opinion and what I experienced may not be what you experience since everyone is different.

I had originally bought this cream to prepare for the colder season.  I have dry skin and this moisturizer was advertised as best for dry to very dry skin.  

The first thing that struck me about the product is the heavy perfume.  Despite this, I went ahead and tried it on.  Bad mistake.  It was so heavily perfumed that I had to wipe it off after five minutes.  The perfume was too intense for me.  It wasn’t a bad perfume, just overpowering.  Imagine you just doused your face with French perfume.  That’s how it smelled…  

In terms of the moisturizing properties, because I didn’t keep it on for long, I can’t make an accurate assessment.  However, after I wiped it off, I felt that my face did feel hydrated.  If you are ok with heavily scented moisturizers, then you may want to give this product a try.  However, I would recommend you steer clear if you are sensitive to fragrances.

Beauty Review – Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask (Strawberry)

The following review is of my personal opinion and what you experience may not be what I experienced since everyone is different.

This mask definitely has a scent to it so if you are sensitive to fragrances, this may be one you want to avoid.  It smells of fresh strawberries rather than an artificial strawberry scent.  The initial scent is mildly strong and lasts throughout the use.  The mask is not as hydrating as other Innisfree masks that I’ve tried.  It claims to soothe and brighten the skin.  Not so sure about soothe but my skin definitely looks brighter after use.